Why do users choose exactly 'Internet Cafe' software?


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Why do users choose exactly "Internet Cafe" software? What is the secret of wide spread occurrence of program all over the world?


1.When developing software we attend to security protection from cheat of dishonest admins. I.e. it is targeted on owners of cafe that want to achieve highest profit by decreasing stealing payment money to minimum. Try to cheat the program to ensure that it is reliable.


2.Our software is dynamically evolved. We often release new versions. We are taking into account the ideas from program users and trying to implement most of them fast.


3.Program has unique user interface that allows just a quick look to understand cafe state. Dialog windows are decorated with nice icons. Our program is simple and understandable to study by administrators.


4.When buying our program you receive internet traffic control and printer control for a free. You don't have to buy additional software. Everything works together as a single program.


5.If you cafe has 4 client computers only you can use our demo software for a free, unlimited time. It is limited to 4 client computers only, but the rest of functionality is exactly as in full version!


6.Program users allowed to receive new versions of software for a free for a year after buying it. After that, if you decide to prolong the right of free receiving new versions, you should pay 80% of current program cost only! Upgrading to a higher version is by paying the difference + 30 euro.


7.Program was not implement in once month, but constantly being developed since 2000. Many of great ideas was already embedded into it. Most of ideas was recommended by actual program users. Reliability and usefulness  of software was approved by the years of its existence.


8.We are always glad to help our software users. Please contact us using E-Mail, Skype, messengers, forum. We are trying to solve your problems fast. We greatly appreciate our clients.


Thank you, our dear users!!!


Please observe brief review of working with program.

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