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Why do users choose exactly 'Internet Cafe' software?

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Why do users choose exactly "Internet Cafe" software? What is the secret of wide spread occurrence of program all over the world?


1.When developing the program, most attention is paid to protecting the program from hacking by dishonest club operators. Thus, the program focuses on the owners of internet cafes who wish to receive the maximum profit from work, reducing the theft of money from the cash register to a minimum. Try to find a way to cheat the program to make sure it's reliable.


2.The program is dynamically developing. New versions of the program are often released. When releasing new versions, the recommendations of the users of the program are taken into account. We were one of the first to support Windows 10. A lot of users changed old programs to ours. Old programs do not support Windows 10.


3.The program has a unique user interface, allowing at a glance to assess the situation in the club. Dialog windows of the program are decorated with beautiful icons. Our program is simple and understandable for operator training.


4.Our program has unique functions that others do not have: managing the program from Android-devices, mining crypto-currencies on the client computers both during idla and customers work.


5.If there are only 4 client computers in your cafe, you can use forever, free and legally demo version of the program, which functions on 4 computers exactly as full! Users use the demo version for years, and when they expand to more computers, they no longer choose the program, but simply buy the full version.


6.Users of the program are entitled to receive new versions for free within one year! To extend the right to receive new versions for one year, you only need to pay 80% of the cost of the program. The transition to more expensive versions is carried out by paying a difference in value between the program versions plus 30 euros. You always have the opportunity to expand and stimulate the development of new versions.


7.The program was written not in a month, but was developed since 2000. It has invested a lot of work and ideas coming from you, the users of our program. The reliability and usefulness of the program has been proven for years by its existence.


8.We are always ready to help the users of the program. With us you can freely communicate personally, by E-Mail, Viber, WhatsApp, Skype. We try to promptly resolve all the issues that arise. We have a human attitude to customers.


Thank you, our dear users!!! Without you our software will not exist.


Please proceed to brief review of working with program.