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Setting up traffic control driver

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Warning, it is legacy functionality. Nowadays almost nobody charges customers for the amount of information downloaded from Internet. It is supported by 32 bit Windows only. You likely will skip reading this manual chapter.


Program allows to account network traffic used by clients. This chapter describes traffic control driver setup. You should install it on each client computer.


Warning, in Windows Vista, you should disable IPv6 protocol that conflicts with traffic control driver: disable corresponding network connection, remote IPv6 checkmark, enable network connection.


You can find traffic control driver in the directory where you have installed client program, in the TRAFCTRL sub-folder. By default it is: C:\Program Files\Internet Cafe\CLIENT\TRAFCTRL. Remember this folder location, you will use it soon.


We will describe driver setup steps for Windows XP. Other operation system steps should be similar.


Double click "Start->Settings->Network Connections":




Find your local network connection. Right click and open its properties:




Press "Install", choose"Service":




Press "Add":




Press "Have Disk...":




Press "Browse..." and choose the directory containing traffic control driver (files are: astrumfw.sys, netsf.inf, netsf_m.inf - see above):




Press "Open":




Press "OK":




Press "ОК":




Press "Continue Anyway", then "Continue Anyway" for each window that will appear until you get final step screen:




You've successfully installed network traffic control driver. Proceed to the chapter describing traffic control operations.


In case your system is incompatible with our driver, you can remove it by rebooting operation system in SAFE MODE (helps when OS is unable to boot normally).