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Work with regular clients

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You can create database of accounts for customers who often visit your cafe (regular clients). For each person you can store:


First/Last name
Birth date
Referrer ID


Server program will collect statistics: how much total time was spent by customer, how much money was spent, when he did visit cafe last time. Customers can be grouped, and each group can have its discount.


Many cafes allow operators (and of course cafe owners) to work with client computers for free. In order to track it, you can create special group and assign "Free of charge work" attribute. After that, you will not need to keep pressing SHIFT button to Start free of charge session - it will be activated automatically and accounted.


Adding and editing regular clients, groups


In order to start managing regular clients, press "Function" button, then "Regular clients database":




To add regular client, press "Add" button and enter his personal data:




"Password" will be used to authenticate regular client (be sure that it is exactly him/her).


"Referrer ID" - is ID of customer who bring this customer to cafe. He will receive bonuses (as free minutes of work to his balance) each time this customer pays for time. More details about it here.


"No group" - in this case we didn't set a group for the customer. In order to configure groups, close add/edit customer window and press "Groups":





Press "Add", "Edit", "Delete" and configure the groups you would like to have. Each group can have its own discount for games and Internet that will be accounted automatically if customer has this group assigned.


It is useful to create group that allows working for free. You will not need to keep pressing SHIFT anymore and enter free of charge work reason for people from this group. You can add it for cafe staff who always work free of charge:




After entering groups, you will be able to assign the to customers:




Now this group will be applied for this customer automatically. In this case, customer will work free of charge and you will not need to enter reason, it will be entered automatically ("Cafe staff").


Work with regular clients


In order to start work for regular client that visit your cafe, just before entering time to indicator (as you do usually), you should choose between games/Internet mode, discount, then - select indicator menu and press "Regular client" button:




In the window that show up, choose required customer. If you know his ID, nick name, last name (or part of it), use quick search fields to the bottom.


Compare picture with customer, you can also press "Check password" and compare it with what customer tells you, then press "Select" (there is a possibility to configure program, so customer will enter password on client computer himself or even start work himself):




Just below the image you can see the section similar to server program indicator. You had to select games/Internet in advance, before selecting regular client from the list. Work with this section is similar to

work with indicators. You can press customer statistics by pressing "Information" button:




You can find a statistics of visiting your cafe by that customer, just below her current balance of game and Internet minutes (more details about it read in selling cards to regular clients).


You can restrict access to this database for operators using security settings.


Referral system for regular clients


Regular clients who bring their friends to internet cafe can receive bonuses from their friends work, as some amount of minutes added to their balance account free of charge. To enable this function, in security settings you should enter number of percents that referrer (person who bring another customer) will receive from referral.


For example, referral pays for 60 minutes of games. It was set 5% bonus for referrer, The balance of referrer will receive 3 minutes free of charge.


For program, in order to know who bring current customer to cafe, you should enter his "referrer ID", where ID is ID of customer who bring current customer to cafe. 0 value means that he found your cafe himself.


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