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Brief review of working with program

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This chapter observes operation with already installed program. Assume everything had been set up, program customized and working. You are cafe operator. Lets review the most common use case:


New customer comes to you and likes to rent a computer for one hour of work with Internet. You look at the operator program screen at see what computers are free and what are busy. If all the computers are busy, it is easy to see what it the remaining time for each computer. If we have free computer, assume its number 7, its screen shows "Computer Locked" (and it is locked, impossible to use). Special rectangular areas called indicators each corresponding to a client copmuter are located on main screen. Indicators show corresponding computer states ("Free", "Games", "Internet", "Time out", "Timer games", "Timer internet". Indicator named "7" shows "Free". Client pays for one hour. You are typing 60 (minutes) int the 7-th indicator and pressing "Start" button.


5 minutes prior to the end of paid time, operator computer speakers and client speakerphones say "Computer 7 remaining 5 minutes" (voice version only). If customer decides to continue, he pays for required number of additional minutes and continue working. Additional time is added to the rest of his time. When his paid time is completely out, voice says "Computer 7 your time is out". Customer computer is locked and he observes message "Computer Locked". Indicator 7 of operator program shows "Free". Customer leaves cafe. If customer decides to work more, he purchases additional time and operator enters this amount of minutes to indicator and presses "Start" and so on.


So called "Timer mode" (post-paid) is available. It is when customer pays at the end of his work, for a total amount of time (he had no idea how long he had to pay for when came to cafe). Assume customer decides to work at timer mode. You enter word "Timer" in indicator and presses "Start". When customer decides to finish, you press "Stop" and observe sum that you should charge customer.


Above use cases only a small part of program functionality. You will learn much more by reading this manual.


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