Server program setup (administrator PC)

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Assume, you've installed software on admin and client computers. Lets proceed to admin (server) program setup. Note, all the customizations should be done using Windows Administrator access rights. To configure server program to be able to work using limited access user account please read the following chapter.


Launch Setup.exe (Start->Programs->Internet Cafe->Setup):





Start with "Screen Resolution" group. Choose minimal screen resolution that allows you to fit number of client computers in your cafe. Selecting 800x600 allows to connect up to 16 client computers. The higher screen resolution, the bigger amount of client computers can be connected. Maximal number of allowed client computers is 48. It requires 1280x1024 to be selected.


Next, in "General settings" choose exact number of client computers working in your cafe (excluding computer of administrator). You don't need to change server port (850) except the case you know what you are doing. Program uses TCP and UDP connections, ingoing and outgoing of this port number. If you have a reason to change server port number, don't forget to set the same port in client program settings. Warning, don't select port numbers 852, 853 - they are in use of automatic configuration of client programs.


"Control via internet" group allows you to set up  remote access of program reports via internet. Again, don't change HTTP port, but enter password to access feature. The username is "boss".


Using "Reminding signal settings" you can configure sound reminding admin that client computer has paid time running out. Admin should get additional payment or free computer. It is possible using embedded in motherboard speaker (PC Speaker) or using given .wav file plackback. Program includes such sample file (example.wav).


Software allows changing currency name. English version uses "$" character by default. To do that, you should create text file named valuta.cfg containing currency name (for example: EUR) on its first  line. You should create this file inside of server program installation folder (the folder containing ComputerZal.exe):






Congratulations. You've completed server (admin) program setup.


Many computers have Windows Firewall enabled (or any other third party firewall software). You should configure it so ComputerZal.exe (admin program executable file) will be able to establish network connections using network ports 850-853 TCP/UDP. Server program setup automatically registers inside of Windows Firewall as an allowed application:




You should disable time over internet synchronization for admin and all client computers. Once you setup admin computer system time, tell you admins that they are not allowed to put system clock back or forward. Sometimes admins put system clock back to allow shareware program with limited term of usage to continue operate. They should NOT do that. They can also try to cheat "Internet Cafe" software by putting system clock back. It is not possible as "Internet Cafe" will know about it and report to cafe owner. Summary: tell your cafe admins that putting system clock back/forward is strictly prohibited!


Proceed to client program setup.

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