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Remote control (Android)

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In order to keep up with the times and unprecedentedly improve the convenience of the cafe operators, we created an Android application for mobile control of your cafe.


Android application is addition to the server program ( and allows operate with your cafe using mobile phone, tablet or any other Android device at the same local network as server program. Cafe operator can see which client computers are free, busy and how long. He is not tied to server computer anymore. He can walk to customer, receive payment and unlock client computer in-place, without having to return to server computer.


At the moment Start/Stop/Pause time functions are supported. Mobile application functions will grow up and on some day will repeat server program possibilities.


Application at the moment can be installed for free, we are collecting user feedback: how useful it is, what functions do you need first.


System requirements


* "Internet Cafe" software version 3.91 and above

* Your Android device at the same local network as server program


Android program install


You can download it from Google Play, it is called "Компьютерный Зал" (

Install it as any other Android-application.




Enable WiFI on you Android-device, you are on the same local network as server program of "Internet Cafe" software.


In order to not confuse the application for server program and Android application we use the following terms:


"Internet Cafe" server program - program installed on the server computer, executable is ComputerZal.exe.

"Android-application" - program to start on mobile device (mobile phone, tablet, etc...)


Launch server program, select "Settings, Security Settings, Other, Remote Control, Enable".


Start Android-application. Server program should be located automatically (broadcast UPD request is used) and its IP address to be filled automatically:




In case server program is not found, you will have the error message:




Enter IP address of server program manually (if it is not determined automatically) and enter the same password as in security settings:




Press "Connect" button. In case of password error:




In case of success, the program will be started.


Work with the Android-program




Each row of the table correspond to the client computer. Client computer numers are on the red background that means there is no their connection to server computer. Normally the should be on green background. Red background should be a signal to repair or reinstall client program.


Other columns show current client computer status (Games, Free, Time out, ...), amount of remaining time (when pre-paid) or amount of spent time (timer or post-paid mode). Last column shows when pre-paid computer will become available and start time of timer mode (post-paid).


Client corresponding row in order to control that computer:




It completely corresponds to the indicator of server program. Work with it similar with exception that less functions are supported.


Press "!" (exclamation mark) button at top-left corner allows to reboot, shutdown and see remote desktop of client computer (if there is connection with that computer).


You can Start free of charge session by setting "Free" checkmark. Free of charge indicator has an asterix (*) before its status. For example, playing games free of charge shows *Games.


Now you are ready to use Android-application.


We are looking forward for your feedbacks on how you like our Android-application, what would you like to change or improve first. Most active customers will receive Android application for free when it grow up and become paid. Do not be lazy to write us a couple of lines, it is very important for us.


Warning, do not update you Android application if you are not sure that you are using the latest version of "Internet Cafe" software. It is possible, that Android-application will try to use functionality that is not implemented in your version and it will deny to start.


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