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Software install

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This chapter describes how to install server program (where cafe owner and operators work) and client program (where customers work).


Before continue, you have to complete the pre-installation steps and download software (demo version).


Installation package consists of server program and client program. You should install both server and client programs on server computer and client program only on each customer computer.


Launch installation package on server computer. License agreement will appear:




Read it and press "I Agree" button:




Choose "Full" type of install. This type installs both server and client programs. Client program needs to be installed on server computer for enabling automatic update of client programs on client computers.




Choose software insall folder and press "Install". Settings above will install server program to C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Cafe\ and client program will be installed in

C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Cafe\CLIENT\ folder.


Next, you should install client program on each client computer in cafe. Launch installation package (on each computer) and on the "Installation Options" screen switch from "Full" to "Client program only":




Choose installation folder:




We had installed client program in C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Cafe\CLIENT\. Right after the installation of client program, its folder will be shown automatically (it is required later in client program setup):




Remember, client program files should present on server computer as backup files. Don't need to launch or install them on server computer.


Voice version of "Internet Cafe" software contains SOUND folder where reminder sounds are located. File names 01.wav .. 48.wav correspond to phrase "Computer 1", "Computer 48". less5.wav corresponds to phrase "5 minutes remaining", timeout.wav to phrase "your time is out". You can replace them with your own if needed.


Demo version contains PassClean.exe utility. It allows to reset forgotten passwords used in program. Full version package doesn't contain this utility. Please contact us to receive it (we are not providing it for everyone for security reasons).


Adding software folders to exclusion list of antivirus and network firewall software


Below described steps should be completed on all computers (both service and each client):


Adding program to Windows Defender exclusion list
oOpen Control Panel (View by Large Icons)
oOpen Windows Defender
oPress Settings at top right
oScroll down to Exclusions and select "Add an exclusion"
oSelect "Exclude a folder"
oChoose program install directory (c:\program files (x86)\Internet Cafe)


[Windows 7 and below only] adding program to Microsoft Security Essentials exclusion list
oOpen Control Panel
oOpen Microsoft Security Essentials
oNavigate to Settings tab
oSelect "Excluded files and locations"
oPress Browse and select program install directory (c:\program files (x86)\Internet Cafe)


If you have another antivirus or network firewall software installed, add program install directory (c:\program files (x86)\Internet Cafe) to their exclusion list too


Proceed to server program setup.