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Printers control


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This chapter describes server program feature to control printers connected to server computer. When customers will send some document to that printer, operator will be notified about it and can charge customer (if needed). Cafe owner will see in security report the total number of printed black-white or color pages (for working shift or any other period).


In order to control your printers, they should be connected directly to server computer. If network printer is used, you should configure client computers so they will print via server computer, not directly to the network printer. You can also disable adding new printers for client computers (client program setup, windows registry button).


It is simple to enable printers control. Just set tick "Use printers control" in "Settings, Security Settings, Hardware control tab". Tariffs can be set in the indicator menu, additional services (POS).


Just after enabling printers control, server program stats monitoring all printers connected to server computer.

In case customer will send some document to printer, operator will receive the following message:




Operator should charge customer using additional services (POS).


In case cafe owner was printing something or those who allowed to do that free of charge, operator will not use additional services (POS) to charge him. However, the event will be logged to statistics and security report.


Warning! We've found that Microsoft Words and other applications incorrectly notify about number of copies of the same print job. We've added EMF, PJL and other printer formats. In case printer control doesn't calculate something correctly for your hardware, send us the program name, printing parameters (number of pages, copies) and files with extension .SHD, .SPL from C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\PRINTERS\, that were used during this document printing. It will help us to improve printers control functionality.