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Mining crypto currencies using client computers

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You don't do mining (earning) of crypto currency yet? Internet cafes (and gaming centers) are perfectly fit for it. You have modern video cards, but still power off client computers when they are free? You have to try it. Electricity bills will be easily paid when additional profit to be earned. Maximal profit is achieved using most powerful video cards NVidia 1060, 1070, 1080, but you can use less powerful ones too. Our software simplifies the setup so you don't have to learn anything. We save you from the need to find and install suspicious mining programs, learn complicated manuals...


At the moment server programs is able to earn ZCash currency on client computers, that have NVidia video card.

Later, we will add more crypto currencies support, probably some of them will give more profit.

Mining ZCash is possible both on locked computers and even during customers work (of course if they just work in the Internet, not playing modern games).

Software decides when to mine and not disturb customer itself. If you would like how our program works for you, think about adding more video cards to client computers for doubling profit.


ZCash crypto currency


You likely to hear about people who bought Bitcoin for cheap has a possibility to sell it for $20,000 per coin?

Are you sorry that have not joined the world of mining crypto currency? It is not too late and we already embedded ZCash mining module into our software.

It is one of the most dynamically currencies increasing its cost:


January 2017: $50

Just 2017: $250

January 2018: more than $800 (!)

At the moment of writing this user manual its rate about $400-500, but growing trend is clear.


Who knows, may be the ZCash coins you earned will repeat the feat of Bitcoin and multiply by a thousand of times.


The advantage of ZCash is that you can earn it (do mining) using video cards, cpu's. At the moment we've added NVidia card mining support as they are most popular. We will add AMD cards support later.


There are a lot of markets where you can exchange ZCash to US Dollars or another currency (Bitcoin for example).


How to quick estimate possible profit of mining on your hardware?


We propose to earn (do mining) both during customers work and when client computers are free (locked) instead of typical powering them off.

Rough estimate is the following, on the moment of writing this user manual NVidia 1060 was earning $50 a month. Easy to pay for electricity.

Old video cards do not add much profit and mining is unable to start on them.


Lets estimate your profit using the following steps. Open "Settings", "Security settings", "Mining".

Set "Allow mining crypto currencies when computers not occupied", "Allow mining during customer work when it doesn't disturb him":




Don't change anything in settings and if you edit something by mistake, press each "For test" button that will reset all settings to default.


Press "OK" to save settings. Mining is started automatically on all computers.


Wait some significant time to collect good average result (minute is OK, hour is more accurate).


Return to "Settings", "Security settings", "Mining". Press "Check".


Program will show statistics for each client computer, then total for all. Average and maximum result in "Sol/s".


It is very rough estimate (on the moment of writing manual) is that: 300 Sol/s is about $50 per month (600 is $100 and so on). You will know in-fact when start using it.


If you receive zeros, it means:


You have old video cards
Your video cards are not NVidia (AMD, or embedded in CPU)
Firewall or Antivirus blocked mining
Your video card drivers are old


Contact us if you would like to debug mining on your hardware.


You've calculated total Sol/s, calculated proft and decided to try it? Create your own wallet:


Create private wallet


There are a lot of ZCash wallets. You can quickly create cryptonator account. There is wallets list, select "zcash", "create zcash address".

You should receive a string like: "t1VGESUKd5zF3FHokocSLVVDtEfGEFCxwJy". It is you wallet, where earned cash will come to.

Open server program and go to: "Settings", "Security settings", "Mining":




Replace our test wallet string with yours. You don't have to change anything else. Server, port and password likely to be the same. Replace them later if needed.


What to do with earned crypto currency?


You can passively save them and wait when they grow up to sell favorably
You can wire them to any market ( or any other) and try to play with exchange rate (buy\sell)
You can exchange to US Dollars or Bitcoin and wire to your bank account


What else to setup?


You should disable sleep mode of client computer
You likely to add client install folder to exclusion list of firewall/antivirus (C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Cafe\CLIENT folder)


More details on how typical configuration works


Lets describe how typical configuration works:


When client computer is free, it is locked, mining module is starting. Mining data comes via Internet to your hardware for calculation work.

Calculations are performed by multiple users, united into "pools". In our case the pool is Internet service "flypool". That service accumulates your "unpaid balance" and when it grows up to 0.01 ZCash (ZEC),

automatic wiring to your wallet will be initiated. You can customize the payment threshold.


If you allowed to do mining during customers work, software monitors the started programs and does mining when it doesn't affect customer. I.e. when customer is just working in the Internet, not playing modern games. Program decides it automatically.


Still have questions? Write us, will be glad to help up. You probably will like to setup the similar system at home, we will help. We don't power off home computers for long time!


FlyPool button


In order to earn ZCash users are united into "pools". We prefer "FlyPool". Its typical settings are embedded in our software by-default.

If you would like, you can configure any other "pool".


What does "FlyPool" button? For your convenience it opens statistics of your mining. The button works after you created your own wallet.

Flypool statistics is not updated immediately. Wait for 30-60 minutes by refreshing your browser. First page, at the very bottom, shows "active rigs",

i.e. your client computers by numbers. They current performance shows up as "H/s".


After some time the statistics to be collected and you will be able to see on the second tab "Payouts" the approximate earning per hour, day, week and month.

Pay attention, that crypto currency rate grows up and it is possible that cents you've earned today will cost thousands of dollars in few years.




In case after some time you will earn the significant amount of money and decide to say "thank you", wire us some of ZCash to our wallet "t1VGESUKd5zF3FHokocSLVVDtEfGEFCxwJy" and we will be highly motivated to improve "Internet Cafe" software :-)