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Main window functions

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Top part of main server program window contains indicators. Operator uses them to work with customers. Lets review the rest of functions accessible from the main screen, but wasn't described before::






In the lower left corner of main window there are tabs: "Tariffs", "Night", "Half-night" and "Calculator". We've already reviewed "Tariffs", "Night" and "Half-night" in "Starting work" chapter. Take a look at calculator tab:




It is useful when operator quickly needs to calculate how much time the customer will work by paying some amount or how much he should pay to work given number of minutes. For example, customer wants to know how much he should pay for 90 minutes of games.

Enter 90 to the left of "game min" field. You can see that it cost $4.50. At the very bottom you can see "Using discount" field where you can enter discount to be used for calculations. Calculator uses auto-discount feature when converting minutes to cost, but not backwards.


Locking server program


When operator needs to leave server computer, he can lock server program. To unlock it, he needs to type 'enter program' password (that he types when server program launches). To lock program he should click on "Lock" icon or simply press CTRL-L.:




About program, Information about software copy owner


The button with question mark is located near "minimize", "maximize" and "close":





Pressing it pops up windows that shows current program version, software developer contacts:




Pressing "Information about software copy owner" shows detailed information about person purchased our software (full version only):




That guaranties you that your copy of program is genuine, not stolen.


Buttons: Function, Settings, Help,

All statistics for today, Main report, Cash


Review bottom right of main window buttons:




"All statistics for today" launches review reports program (LOG3View.exe) and shows statistics (all program operation events) for all client computers of current work shift.

"Main report", launches the same program, but shows "main report" (billing table where you can find the total sum received at current work shift, total time, time that client computers were without connection to server, amount of free of charge time). You can find more details about reports in the chapter "Program reports".


"Help" button opens user manual.


"Settings" button allows to configure the server software: set security settings, automation settings, round up payment, pricing blocks and auto-discount and many more. More details in "Security settings and program automation" chapter.


"Cash" button shows the amount of money that should be in cash desk (total earned in current working shift):




"Issue cash" can be used when cafe owner needs to take part (or all) cash (daily profit for example):




In case customers have a debt (i.e. will pay at the end of the work), program shows total debt for all computers separately:




It is possible to deny issuing cash for operator, review cash amount in security settings.


Pressing "Function" button opens the following options:




"Computer occupation list" button


Pressing "Computer occupation list" button opens window that shows what computers are free, what are busy and when they will become available, those that are in timer mode (post-paid, not clear when will be available):




The list is sorted. Free comptuers go first (1, 5, 9, 11). Then timed out (7), then pre-paid (3, 4, 8, 6), and you can see when they will become free. Finally the post-paid (timer mode) computers (2, 10, 12) - not clear when they will be available. You can event print this list put on the cafe door so customers will know when there will be available computers.


"Reboot\Shutdown all computers" buttons


Allow to reboot and shutdown all client computers in a single click. You will be additionally asked if you want to apply it for all or only free computers.


"Launched processes list" button


Shows the list of programs (processes) that are currently active on each client computer. The list refreshes each second:




Using this functionality operator can monitor what customers are using at the moment.


"Client versions check" button


"Client version check" button allows managing the client program installed on client computers (check its integrity, upgrade to new version or repair it). It is recommended to do that occasionally.


After upgrading version of server program you have to upgrade client programs too. You don't need to manually do that for each client computer. Just press "Function->Client versions check->Update software". All client programs will be upgraded automatically. It is very useful as doing it manually take a lot of time. That is why you install client software on server computer too (so you will be able to distribute it to client computers).


When updating client program you can receive a message about problem of updating "offer.dll" file. Unfortunately we didn't a find a method of updating this file at runtime (need to stop client program, reboot, then overwrite it). Good news that this file is changed rarely and you likely can ignore this message.


"Client computer configuration control" button


You can control the hardware of client computers (HDD, Display Adapter, CPU, Memory). Cafe owner is able to save current list of hardware and anytime check if nothing was changed (stolen):




The work flow is the following:


Cafe owner press "Save configuration" and server program requests/remembers the hardware list installed on each client computer. This list will be compared to current state later. Access to this function is usually disabled in security settings for operator.
"Check configuration" button is used by cafe owner or administrator (or operator) to check if client computer hardware was not changed (nothing was stolen). In case something was changed and finding reasons, you can press "Save configuration" to remember new state.
After upgrading hardware of client computers (HDD, Video Adapter, CPU or Memory) you should press "Save configuration" (usually as administrator).


"Show configurations" displays current hardware configurations of each client computer. You can copy and print them if needed from that window.


"Regular clients database" button


You can create user accounts for customers who visits you cafe often. "Regular clients database" button allows add, edit or delete regular clients. You can review information about them, group by some criteria (for example, to set automatic discount). Read more about it in "Work with regular clients" chapter.


"Reservation" button


Allows to reserve (book) computers for customers. More details about it in "Reservation" chapter.


Continue to "Security settings and automation" chapter. This chapter is very important for cafe owner.