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Control via Internet

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Internet cafe owner is able to control cafe work remotely. He just needs access to Internet and cafe should have fixed IP address in Internet.


Assume IP address of cafe is There are several settings in the server program setup like HTTP port (851 by default) and password. Cafe owner can start Internet Explorer (or any other browser) and if port settings were not changed, access to cafe can be achieved by visiting the following page: You will be asked for username and password. Username is hardcoded "boss" (can't be changed). Password can be set in server program setup (Setup.exe), in the "Control via Internet" section.


The following page to be opened:




Red arrows show clickable links.


At the top of the screen, you can see operator name (Ruslan). If you click "Operator", you will be able see current desktop of server computer. Just below is a local time at server computer. Info table is below.


Left column is computer numer (1 to 12). Their background is green (except 7) that means these client programs are connected to server program. The connection should normally be established. When there is no connection, the background is red (computer 7). You can click computer number and see client computer desktop. When client computer is powered on, but client program is not connected to server by some reason, the exclamation mark will be painted below computer number. The meaning of that for cafe owner is possible cheat by operators. More details about it here.


"Status" column shows current pricing mode used by client computer, they are similar to indicator statuses in server program.


"Remaining/Spent" column shows how long it will be busy or how much time was spent in timer mode.


"Finish/Start" column shows when computer will be available (pre-paid mode) or when it was started in timer (post-paid) mode.


"Free of charge" column contains "yes" if it is used without payment.


"Active process" (or program) shows what is currently customer doing on that computer (plays games, browses Internet).


Below the table you can see current server program settings.


The page refreshes itself each 60 seconds.


Once again, you can click on computer numbers of computers with green background to observe customer desktops.


Within software installation directory, in LOG\HTTP subfolder, you can find access.txt file that is a HTTP-server log (log of operations with Control via Internet).


HTTP-server that is embedded in program allows multiple connections, limits session time and pretty stable. In case cafe owner is unable to view it, it is possible that operators switched off "Internet Cafe" server program that should always be running.


We recommend cafe owners to configure and use that function.


Pay attention to "Statistics", "Main report" and "Security report" links that open corresponding reports for current working shift.


To configure this function you likely will need a help of experienced network administrator as many Internet cafes are in local networks protected from ourside Internet. He will need to route the network packets from Internet to server computer (TCP port 851). It is not as easy sometimes, but worst of it for any cafe owner.


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