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Game consoles control

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Server software allows to control time usage of any game console (Xbox, Playstation, Wii) by switching off power of their TV when paid time is out.

The same can be applied for pool tables, gaming machines.


It is implemented using the following scheme:




You have to purchase special hardware - IP PDU that manage power outlet via LAN, using SNMP protocol. We don't sell such devices, but able to recommend the compatible hardware. Sample devices: NetPing 2/PWR-220 v3/ETH, Aviosys IP Power 9258S, CyberPower PDU15SWHVIEC8FNET etc.


Program uses the simplest SNMP v1 configuration, when you have to just set device IP, password and OID value.

When program needs to switch power off it sends SNMP command of setting 0 value to given OID.

To switch power on, it sends 1. Some devices use different values for switching power on/off, you can override them.


Sample configuration for two managed power outlets of NetPing 2/PWR-220 (Settings, Security Settings, Other, SNMP power management):




Game console TV's are connected to managed outlets 1 and 2 of IP PDU. Indicators 3 and 4 correspond to them.

When customer wants to rent game console for 60 minutes, operator enters 60 in indicator 3 (or 4). Server program sends SNMP command of switching on

TV power for that game console. Client plays game. When paid time is out, TV is automatically switched off.


Screenshots of configuring NetPing 8