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Feature list

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Control and accounting up to 48 client computers or game consoles


Software is installed on server (admin/operator computer) and on each client computer


Client computers are automatically locked when pre-pard time is out for customer


Billing using various pricing methods, including pre-paid, post-paid, separate tariffs for games and Internet,...


Separate security access levels for cafe owner (administrator) and employees (operators)


Tracking work of operators (anti-theft)


Customer accounts (full profile, login/password to start pre-paid work without operator)


Full control, monitoring and protection of client computers


User frindly interface allows quickly say which computer is free, busy and when will be available


Customers are reminded about remaining time and when it is out, including voice reminders


Moving, swapping customers. Possibility to move the remaining time to another customer


Point-of-Sale (POS) to account any additional services


Detailed reports for any time range (shift, current day, custom)


Reports can be accessed via Internet and received on email


Printer control


USB devices control (like inserting flash drive/removing mouse)


Virtual terminal / thin client (like Aster) support


Operate server program using Android device


Crypto currency mining both when computers are free and during customer work (it doesn't disturb him)


Client computers reservation


Desktop replacement "Shell" software complete support


Software correctly continues operation after reboot, freeze, power outage on unstable systems


Energy saving by switching client computers off, switching them on remotely