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How to find out server computer LAN IP?


We will describe the simple way to look up server computer LAN IP address. Program requires this address to be static. We are interested in exactly LAN IP  (server computer can have several IP addresses).


Press "Win+R", type cmd.exe and press "Enter". In the following window type "ipconfig /all" and press "Enter":




In our case IP address of LAN is You should use it in client program setup as "server IP".


How to make sure that this address is "static"?


Open: "Start->Control Panel->Network Connections". Right-click on the "Local Area Connection" icon. Open the properties of this connection. Open the Internet Protocol (TCP / IP) properties. Look, if you choose "Obtain an IP address automatically", you need to switch to "Use the following IP address" and enter the IP address that will be used by the server's computer. Consult your network administrator if something does not work or is not clear. Maybe you have it configured on a network router.


Our recommendation applies to computers with Windows XP installed, on other operating systems this can be done in a similar way.


How to protect client computer from harmful actions of customers?


Customers of your cafe like to execute harmful software? They edit windows registry, delete important files, change display settings? All cafe operators struggle of that problem. Sometimes, client computer doesn't work. Sometimes, several programs (or games) stop working and you have to reinstall the operation system as returning back the working environment is not possible. To resolve that problem and increasing comfort of users, we've created "Shell" software. This program is not a part of Internet Cafe software, i.e. separate software. Obligatory, pay attention to it. You can find it on the Internet: .


Locking keyboard and mouse doesn't work anywhere


The root cause of that problem is that some games directly access to input devices using non-standard methods. There is no solution for that problem. However it is not as often.


The only recommendation: remember such programs (if you find one) and when using it, hear the reminder sound when time is out.


What will happen if I will reset the server computer or

there will be emergency power off?


Our software was implemented as robust and we've specifically foresee the case when computer power will be suddenly off (or someone accidentally or on purpose did it). Program saves all changes whenever possible, without keeping it in memory, so after powering computer on, operator can continue work from the moment when computer crashed. It works in most of cases and program is pretty fault-tolerant. Program database is not kept in one file, but duplicated that helps to keep its integrity (because of HDD errors or changes that unfair operators tries to do).


How to hide the client program from task manager,

DEP disabling is required


Warning! Described below functionality is outdated and actual for Windows XP users only with DEP disabled. Please don't use it for newer OS if you don't know what you are doing. There are possible problems like program crashes (like, you can't use GARENA). We recommend to disable Windows task manager instead.


Software includes the possibility to hide client program from task manager. Previously there was a checkmark "Hide client program from task manager". As there were more problems when using it thoughtlessly, the checkmark was removed and you have to create the file named obsolete-xp32nodep-hide.cfg in the software install directory of client computer.


You also have to download the following file:

And add it to the client program install directory (the same folder as Client2.exe), foe example:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Cafe\CLIENT\"

You have to do that for each client computer.


Enabling this function required to disable DEP (Data Execution Prevention). It is not required for very old CPU's that don't support it, but those that support it, you MUST disable it.


In case of hiding client program when DEP is enabled, you can have a lot of problems:


accidental closing of desktop
unable to open task manager
accidental closing of programs complaining to DEP
GARENA games crashes


It is easy to disable DEP support for operating system:


Windows XP:


You have to edit boot.ini file and add: /noexecute=alwaysoff


The file usually located in the root of C: drive (c:\boot.ini). You can also have access to it by right clicking "My Computer", "Properties", "Advanced", "Startup and Recovery", press "Settings". Then press "Edit" in "System startup". The notepad will be open with boot.ini file ready to edit:


For example:




Save the changes and obligatory reboot the computer.


Windows Vista:


Enter the following command:




And reboot the computer.


In order to do the above operations you have administrative priveleges.


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