History of changes

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History of changes

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[+] New

[-] Bug fixed

[*] Bug fixed and/or improvements applied

[!] Important! Pay attention


--- Version 4.46 (2018/July/09) ---

[*] Possibility to enable "Time out" status usage even when there is no debt at the end of the working session


--- Version 4.45 (2018/June/18) ---

[-] Described how to configure the automatic log on to system (so computer will not ask for password after reboot/sleep)

[*] "Time out" status shows up to client computers with remaining debt only, otherwise it automatically becomes "Free"


--- Version 4.44 (2018/June/09) ---

[-] Fixed displaying of customer control panel

[-] Client computer shutdown fixed


--- Version 4.43 (2018/June/04) ---

[*] License key system update


--- Version 4.42 (2018/June/01) ---

[+] Setting up of close Chrome, Steam and log out for all computers at once in Security Settings of server program

[+] Close Steam, log out and log in into anonymous account

[*] Program stability significantly increased

[-] Customer control panel wasn't show up every time

[-] Fixed freezes of server program when finishing session using customer control panel

[-] Fixed log out from Chrome accounts


--- Version 4.41 (2018/May/28) ---

[+] Close Chrome and delete Cookies file at the end customer session (log out from facebook, etc...)

[+] Customer control panel displays spent time as hours and minutes

[+] Remaining time message in balance-timer mode additionally shows remaining balance

[*] Voice signals were not working in balance-timer mode

[*] Mouse click by remaining time on the indicator shows remaining balance in balance-timer mode

[*] "Remind 5 minutes prior to the end of paid time" wasn't always working


--- Version 4.40 (2018/May/26) ---

[+] Limit number of items available for additional service (selling POS items, for example, 50 chocolate bars)

[+] Possibility for the customer to pay for the additional service at the end of working session


--- Version 4.39 (2018/May/19) ---

[+] Program diagnostics window for monitoring network connection between clients and server

[*] Removed legacy option in report view program

[*] Export of reports to text file wasn't working for some reports

[*] In case antivirus deleted client program, service will not run it infinitely anymore

[*] Cleanup of old working shifts didn't work if you had more then 8 of them

[*] Improved compatibility of embedded crypto miner with BattlEye

[*] Embedded miner that was stopped will not show the last speed anymore (like it is still working)

[*] Embedded miner was working in parallel to programs whose name wasn't detected

[*] Improved detection of process names in Windows 7 (like, Dota 2 game was detected as empty string)


--- Version 4.38 (2018/May/12) ---

[+] When stopping work in user control panel the rest of balance minutes is returned to customer in balance-min mode (before only in balance-timer mode)

[+] Fixed possibility to start new session for customer without asking operator to press Stop

[+] Regular client administration window now has quick search by ID, nickname, lastname.

[-] User control panel was not showing 4th and 5th lines on Windows XP and 7 (where cut)


--- Version 4.37 (2018/May/09) ---

[+] User control panel is now shown by default

[+] Deny changing tariffs (games/Internet) is now applied to user control panel

[+] User control panel is now showing much more information


--- Version 4.36 (2018/April/30) ---

[+] Number of items in pricing blocks / auto-discounts is not limited anymore (it was 24 before)

[+] Discount entered in indicator now applied in pricing blocks mode

[+] Possibility to rename tariff names (Games, Internet), currency name

[-] Mouse was not working when system had increased font size using window on separate desktop mode


--- Version 4.35 (2018/April/21) ---

[+] Locking images can be applied in regular client login window

[*] Fixed entering of zero interval for changing locking images (when one random should be shown and never change)

[*] Program normally shows up on computers with increased font size (laptops with small display, but high screen resolution)


--- Version 4.34 (2018/April/14) ---

[+] Customer control panel added

[+] Сrypto currency mining during customers work


--- Version 4.33 (2018/April/09) ---

[*] English user manual translation completed


--- Version 4.32 (2018/April/07) ---

[*] Printer control fixes

[*] English user manual update


--- Version 4.31 (2018/March/31) ---

[+] Game consoles control allows setting SNMP values for switching power on and off

[+] English version contains voice package translated to English

[*] Restoring report from backup error was fixed


--- Version 4.30 (2018/March/25) ---

[*] User manual improvements


--- Version 4.29 (2018/March/10) ---

[+] Android application allows starting free work

[+] Statistics and additional services were added to email report as attachment

[!] Email reports completely converted to HTML, hopefully character encoding problems should disappear


--- Version 4.28 (2018/March/10) ---

[*] Black process list is now processed on client

[*] Cosmetic changes of special client login window


--- Version 4.27 (2018/March/03) ---

[+] Client computer reservation


--- Version 4.26 (2018/February/27) ---

[+] Crypto currency mining when computers are locked instead of powering them off

[*] Special client dialog automatically proposes "balance-min" when there are balance minutes available

[-] Sending email with report should use correct text encoding


--- Version 4.25 (2018/February/04) ---

[+] Special client can start work himself by entering username/password on client computer

[!] Client process viewer significantly improved

[*] Client process / screen view windows remember their positions

[-] Fixed bug with unlocking client using admin password in separate desktop mode


--- Version 4.24 (2018/January/26) ---

[+] Possibility to launch executable when computer is locked


--- Version 4.23 (2017/November/23) ---

[-] First program startup using service


--- Version 4.22 (2017/November/18) ---

[+] Possibility of remote log off of remote client (useful with virtual terminals)


--- Version 4.21 (2017/November/12) ---

[+] Added compatibility with virtual terminals (Aster for example)


--- Version 4.20 (2017/March/18) ---

[+] Requesting password before finish working session (when closing program)


--- Version 4.19 (2016/December/02) ---

[+] Possibility to deny giving minutes from packet-minutes mode

[*] Return the rest shows minutes returned in report


--- Version 4.18 (2016/October/28) ---

[*] Locking desktop significantly improved


--- Version 4.17 (2016/October/14) ---

[+] Sending reports to E-Mail when closing session


--- Version 4.16 (2016/August/07) ---

[+] Added balance-timer button for special client menu of operations


--- Version 4.15 (2015/September/23) ---

[*] Stability improved based on processing crash reports


--- Version 4.14 (2015/June/08) ---

[*] Time to cancel operation affects changing operation too

[*] Algorithm detecting server IP was improved (search through all network adapters)


--- Version 4.13 (2015/April/27) ---

[+] Power management of remote devices (game console control)


--- Version 4.12 (2015/February/05) ---

[+] Left click on green network state squre of indicator opens remote computer functions

[+] Left click on red network state squre of indicator sends wake on lan command

[+] Right click on green network state squre of indicator opens remote computer desktop

[*] Adjusted position of indicator headers


--- Version 4.11 (2015/January/03) ---

[+] Android-application able to reboot/shutdown clients


--- Version 4.10 (2014/December/24) ---

[+] Android-application able to observe client desktops


--- Version 4.09 (2014/November/29) ---

[+] Impossible to change seat from games to internet when it is denied to change games/internet mode

[+] Program warns about wrong screen resolution, when license allow use more computers


--- Version 4.08 (2014/July/01) ---

[+] Remote desktop monitor allows to switch between computers


--- Version 4.07 (2014/June/13) ---

[+] Possibility to deny timer mode usage


--- Version 4.06 (2014/May/12) ---

[-] Automatical locking of client program supports timer mode


--- Version 4.05 (2014/January/04) ---

[-] Program freeze fixed when pushing "Main report" and "Statistics"


--- Version 4.04 (2013/December/01) ---

[+] Automatical locking of client program after a given number of minutes after a disconnection with server

[+] Added warning that winmgmt service is currently disabled in client program setup

[*] Reworked network code for connection of server with clients


--- Version 4.03 (2013/November/17) ---

[+] New "Cash" button that allows to observe current cash amount and take money from it


--- Version 4.02 (2013/October/26) ---

[*] Stability improvements (printer control, reports)

[*] English manual updated


--- Version 4.01 (2013/August/26) ---

[*] Stability improvements

[*] English manual updated


--- Version 4.00 (2013/August/09) ---

[-] Fixed positioning of report view program

[+] Reworked English manual and localization (started conversion, not complete yet)


--- Version 3.99 ---

[+] Statistics report shows last record first

[+] Statistics report useful hotkeys added (computer number, report subtype)

[+] Report view program remembers its window position


--- Version 3.98 ---

[-] Improved program stability according to latest crash reports


--- Version 3.97 ---

[*] Tabs at the bottom-left part of screen are painted nicer

[*] Started reworking internal parts of program


--- Version 3.96 ---

[+] New client computer blocking method: window on separate desktop

[-] Repaired automatic update of client parts

[*] Improved compatibility with Shell

[*] Improved Windows 8 support


--- Version 3.95 ---

[-] Improved program stability according to latest crash reports


--- Version 3.94 ---

[-] Fixed crash of client program when video adapter on motherboard is used


--- Version 3.93 ---

[+] Possibility to send program crash report


--- Version 3.92 ---

[-] Fixed corruption of payment round-off


--- Version 3.91 ---

[+] Remote application control using Android-device

[+] Open programming interface for extensions using XML-RPC


--- Version 3.90 ---

[+] Improved program robustness from files corruption

[+] Fixed UI element positioning related to current Windows theme, screen resolution


--- Version 3.89 ---

[+] Possibility to deny return the rest when packet payment


--- Version 3.88 ---

[+] Client protected from termination using task manager when started as service


--- Version 3.87 ---

[*] Registry settings grouped within new control


--- Version 3.86 ---

[*] Fixed blocking of USB devices on Windows XP

[*] Fixed program crash when client number bigger then max used by server


--- Version 3.85 ---

[+] Possibility to split time and move part of it to some free computer


--- Version 3.84 ---

[+] Program shows MAC that was used to wake up remote computer

[*] Fixed determining of client computer MAC address


--- Version 3.83 ---

[*] Fixed compatibility with Dataram RAMDisk


--- Version 3.82 ---

[+] Return of the rest of money for packet payment mode was implemented

[*] Fixed algorithm of determining the name of active process that had crashed client previously


--- Version 3.81 ---

[+] Special client referral system

[*] Group discount fixed for timer mode

[*] Moving the rest of time calculates fine, pause


--- Version 3.80 ---

[+] Critical error logging added

[+] Software tries to determine program that locked one of IP-ports used by server/client part

[*] Improved mouse blocking


--- Version 3.79 ---

[+] Rest/spent time is shown using hours/minutes


--- Version 3.78 ---

[+] Possibility to block USB device connections

[+] Possibility to get fee for unblocking USB device connections

[-] Active process list wasn't working


--- Version 3.77 ---

[*] Fixed crash on exit of client and server program


--- Version 3.76 ---

[+] Return remaining amount of balance-min

[+] Column of balance is updated after the sale of cards

[+] F12 closes window for additional services

[*] Improved window of a return remaining amount and corresponding messages


--- Version 3.75 ---

[+] Additional services hotkey added (F12)

[+] Additional services user button added

[+] Additional services can be launched without selection of concrete computer

[+] Additional services documentation describes convenient usage of hotkeys


--- Version 3.74 ---

[+] Improved installer compatibility with antiviruses (removed hookntqsi.dll from installer)


--- Version 3.73 ---

[+] Fast special client selection using partial entering of his ID, nickname, lastname

[+] Showing of special client balance (new dialog column)

[+] Program warns you when want to get money from special client and he has balance minutes


--- Version 3.72 ---

[*] Client program shows splash images correctly after changing screen resolution

[*] Client program will not minimize explorer.exe on Vista/7 x64 (icons disappeared)

[*] Client/server program adds itself to windows firewall exceptions list on Vista/7


--- Version 3.71 ---

[+] Two modes for using discount when entered sum of payment

[+] Possibility to disable payment details window after time stop pressed

[*] Swap disabled for edit discount  entering windows bug fixed


--- Version 3.70 ---

[+] Program packers removed, antivirus software should not report fake viruses

[*] Changed algorithm of entering payment using money with discount


--- Version 3.69 ---

[+] Possibility to return the rest of money after pause

[+] Possibility to return the rest of money after fine

[*] Fixed mode when payment at the end of the session


--- Version 3.68 ---

[+] Start of program under restricted user account described


--- Version 3.67 ---

[+] Pause mode, can be disabled in security parameters

[+] Comma can be used in price in additional services

[*] Program windows were improved, nice resizing

[-] Statistics report bug fixed


--- Version 3.66 ---

[+] Possibility to restore wallpapers after pressing stop


--- Version 3.65 ---

[*] Export of main report to text file was fixed

[*] Default settings for new users of program were changed


--- Version 3.64 ---

[+] Ukrainian voice files added

[+] Inet.bat logic protection from disconnecting network cable hint

[-] Crash on double click on group when editing client groups fixed

[-] Custom indicator minutes load on startup bug fixed


--- Version 3.63 ---

[+] Added dialog for editing custom indicator minutes list

[+] Security settings tabs rearranged


--- Version 3.62 ---

[+] Client time reminder font size selection


--- Version 3.61 ---

[+] Sound volume control of client computers in Windows Vista/7


--- Version 3.60 ---

[+] Automatic checking of client computers hardware after adding/stopping time

[+] Program automation (COM interface)


--- Version 3.59 ---

[+] Possibility to round or not to round additional services

[+] Denied return of rest in packet payment mode

[-] Blocking images selection dialog corrected for Windows 7


--- Version 3.58 ---

[*] Client part of program setup improved (SetupClient2.exe)


--- Version 3.57 ---

[+] Possibility to show used traffic, even when payment sum is zero

[+] Windows Server 2008 compatibility

[-] Program was crashed when server computer hasn't sound card


--- Version 3.56 ---

[+] Possibility to enter number of first free of charge megabytes in traffic control

[*] Traffic for current session by default


--- Version 3.55 ---

[+] Stop timer under some conditions didn't show pay sum on screen


--- Version 3.54 ---

[+] Possibility to show rental agreement to client


--- Version 3.53 ---

[+] Total sum and the same window for time and traffic payment


--- Version 3.52 ---

[+] Optimized for screen resolution 1360x768 (some 19inch screens)

[*] Removed discount show from report for balance users


--- Version 3.51 ---

[+] Indicator shows payment at the end with blue color rectangle

[*] Additional services corrected/improved


--- Version 3.50 ---

[+] Automatic re-try of getting traffic counters in dialogs

[+] Possibility to cancel operation that is paid at the end of work

[*] Traffic control bugs fixed

[*] Interface improvements


--- Version 3.49 ---

[+] Autorebate bug fixed


--- Version 3.48 ---

[+] Autorebate separated for games and internet

[+] Packet prices for games and internet

[+] Control through internet, main report improved

[*] Control through internet errors fixed, now it is stable


--- Version 3.47 ---

[+] Traffic payment strategy selection


--- Version 3.46 ---

[+] Possibility to select reports accessible by club owner and administrators

[+] Shutdown/restart all computers with new popup menu


--- Version 3.45 ---

[!] Windows 98/ME/NT4 are no longer supported


--- Version 3.44 ---

[*] Payment rounding was corrected


--- Version 3.43 ---

[*] User account control compatibility. Windows 7 compatibility checked


--- Version 3.42 ---

[-] It was possible to select special client using double click when password protected mode enabled


--- Version 3.41 ---

[+] Statistics filter "special clients"

[+] Special client can type password by himself before start of session

[+] Bug of custom name of currency when non-latin characters


--- Version 3.40 ---

[+] Possibility to watch special client ID in control through the Internet


--- Version 3.39 ---

[+] Traffic counter watching during current session of the user


--- Version 3.38 ---

[+] List of computers that don't need to be shutdown automatically

[-] Additional services edit error corrected

[-] Error in statistics when return the rest

[-] Automatically computers shutdown when swap seats corrected


--- Version 3.37 ---

[+] Possibility to block 'Run' button, when loading files in Internet Explorer

[+] Possibility to automatically do shutdown of free PC's

[+] Showing of configurations of all PC's


--- Version 3.36 ---

[+] Additional services editing blocking


--- Version 3.35 ---

[+] Wide screen resolution 1440 x 900 is supported now (up to 42 computers)

[+] Possibility to remind client about time left at any time

[+] Possibility to setup hotkey for client to remind him about time left


--- Version 3.34 ---

[+] Program can be paid in Euro currency now


--- Version 3.33 ---

[+] Client hardware control (HDD, video adapter, CPU, RAM)

[+] Possibility to not send 'min' word in reminder on stayed time

[+] Possibility to setup minimal sum of return of rest of the money


--- Version 3.32 ---

[-] Lock program button bug fixed


--- Version 3.31 ---

[+] User button "kill all active processes on all PC's"

[+] User button "switch on all PC's"

[+] Possibility to switch on the client PC (that supports wake-on-lan feature)

[+] Possibility to hide program from task manager in case of disabling DEP

[*] Timer stop and traffic counter stop now are at the same time

[-] Automation tick bug "shutdown PC on stop"


--- Version 3.30 ---

[+] User buttons panel added


--- Version 3.29 ---

[*] Blocking of client part when started as service in Vista fixed

[*] Hiding of client part was switched off in Vista

[*] Traffic counter installation manual was updated for Vista


--- Version 3.28 ---

[+] Last paid sum can be watched by client for a given period of time

[+] Last paid sum can be watched by administrator


--- Version 3.27 ---

[*] Algorithms between server and client parts of the program were optimized


--- Version 3.26 ---

[+] Return of the rest duplicates sum of payment in the time entering window

[*] Windows Vista correctly shows button for information about user of the program


--- Version 3.25 ---

[+] User can spend fixed number of minutes from his balance

[*] Warning window added when two client computers selected same computer number


--- Version 3.24 ---

[+] Possibility to not account network traffic in games mode

[*] Double click client name selects client and opens operation dialog

[*] Possibility to cancel operation if can't acquire network traffic state


--- Version 3.23 ---

[+] Every special client can have a balance of game and Internet minutes (cards selling)


--- Version 3.22 ---

[+] Possibility to deny groups adding/editing

[-] Save/restore reports bug fixed


--- Version 3.21 ---

[+] Histogram of rating of popularity of used client processes

[+] Possibility to hide Client2.exe (or its path) from client process usage statistics

[*] Control of the printers - DMCS spooler format support


--- Version 3.20 ---

[+] Possibility to switch off traffic control for some computers

[*] Control of the printers - ZIMF RAW spooler format support


--- Version 3.19 ---

[+] Control of inserting/extracting USB devices by clients

[*] Control of the printers - EMF, PJL, ZIMF spooler format support


--- Version 3.18 ---

[+] Desktop of the administrator can be viewed in control over Internet

[+] Connection with clients indicator functionality extended

[-] Control of the printers bug fixed (number of copies was not taken into account)


--- Version 3.17 ---

[+] New report - used client processes, including rating of popularity

[-] Control of the printers bug fixed


--- Version 3.16 ---

[+] New report viewer restriction: "Statistics, main and security report are accessible only"

[+] Interface improvements

[*] Control of the printers improved (support of new printers added)


--- Version 3.15 ---

[+] Control of the printers


--- Version 3.14 ---

[+] Traffic control


--- Version 3.13 ---

[+] Interface improvements. Special client windows look nicer.


--- Version 3.12 ---

[+] Main report was improved

[*] Minimal number of minutes in timer mode bug was fixed


--- Version 3.11 ---

[+] New format of russian documentation


--- Version 3.10 ---

[+] Interface improved

[*] Buttons with images are shown withour errors using all operation systems

[*] Network protocols were improved


--- Version 3.09 ---

[+] Enhanced halfnight mode settings

[+] Windows XP visual styles support

[*] Nice icons were added to dialogs

[*] Network protocol was improved

[*] Memory leak fixed when observing remote client desktops


--- Version 3.08 ---

[+] Automatic port opening in the Windows Firewall

[*] Client sound volume control fixed (it was not working on some PC)


--- Version 3.07 ---

[+] Option added "Halfnight mode is finished exactly at the end of the first and the second half of the night"

[*] Auto-entering of the session name accepts non-English characters

[*] Entering the number of minutes logic was improved (when the computer is in the timer mode)


--- Version 3.06 ---

[+] Possibility to use minimum number of minutes to pay in timer mode

[+] Additional statistics filters (technical, free of charge time, connection with clients, notes in report)

[+] Possibility to grant for a given group of special clients free of charge work automatically

[+] Convenient dialog for displaying the list of the modules that are used by process

[*] Automatical switching off of the free of charge timer doesn't show looped message any more


--- Version 3.05 ---

[+] Detection of the 'cdhack' usage in the Half-Life game (hl.exe)

[+] Process viewer improved, modules of the process viewer added

[*] Localization bug fixed when using base of special clients


--- Version 3.04 ---

[+] You can select from 2 types of statistics (full and financial only)

[+] Timer is automatically switched off when the limit of free-of-charge time is out

[+] You can start the timer mode after other timer mode, old payment sum will be added to debt

[+] You can start with given number of minutes after the timer mode, old payment sum will be added to debt

[*] A discount for the special clients was not worked in the timer mode, when time was entered using money

[*] Timer showed not correct time on the screen on some special conditions


--- Version 3.03 ---

[+] Possibility to change the currency name that is used in the program

[*] Server part hangs were fixed when the client part had been incorrectly installed


--- Version 3.02 ---

[+] You can save screenshots of client desktop

[+] Possibility to do a clicks and double clicks in the monitoring of client desktops

[-] Fixed a bug when the program was crashed in the special clients photo selection dialog


--- Version 3.01 ---

[+] You can see remote desktops of client computers using control through Internet

[+] Adjusting of sound volume of client computers and its automation

[*] It is possible to use reminding sound in voice version of program too, also you can disable reminding sound at all


--- Version 3.00 ---

[+] Automatic configuration of client parts of the program

[+] Monitoring of remote desktops of client computers

[+] Information about the owner of the copy of program


--- Version 2.32 ---

[+] Compatibility of client part with antivirus NOD32

[*] Error was corrected in the module 'control through the Internet'


--- Version 2.31 ---

[+] Possibility to deny switching games/Internet mode

[+] Possibility to deny changing reminder on stayed time settings

[+] Possibility to deny changing voice signals settings

[+] Possibility to deny changing lists of processes (black, signal)


--- Version 2.30 ---

[+] Grouping of special clients

[+] Possibility to shutdown(restart) all free computers

[+] Possibility to shutdown computer after pressing "stop"


--- Version 2.29 ---

[*] Shutdown problems were corrected, when using program as service

[*] Unblocking by password was allowed, when using program as service

[*] Non closing window type of blocking was corrected


--- Version 2.28 ---

[+] Special clients database was implemented


--- Version 2.27 ---

[*] Error of working of statistics report was corrected


--- Version 2.26 ---

[*] Reports can be viewed using full screen

[*] Reports are opened faster

[*] Truncation of reports up to given session

[*] Calculator takes into account autorebate

[*] Restrictions on using autorebate


--- Version 2.25 ---

[+] Price for the halfnight of games/Internet was added

[+] Possibility to enter time in hours and minutes using colon

[*] List of release of computers was improved


--- Version 2.24 ---

[+] Voice version of program speaks not only on the server computer, but on the client computers too

[+] Don't show 'close session' dialog option was added

[+] Lists of processes now work with wildcards

[*] "Rough mismatches" report was corrected

[*] "Function" button was replaced to "Settings" and "Function" buttons

[*] Switch off sounds on the server was not working

[*] Client computers sometimes were not connected to server computer after disconnect


--- Version 2.23 ---

[+] Client versions check and automatic renew

[*] Night mode was corrected (changing of night hours was not working)


--- Version 2.22 ---

[*] Start of port blocker was corrected when client part starts using service

[*] Module that hides client part and service from task manager was corrected


--- Version 2.21 ---

[!] Arithmetic that used in program was corrected

[+] Support of JPEG blocking images

[*] Possibility to stretch blocking images to fit the screen size

[*] "Don't roundoff" button was added to the round off payment selection dialog


--- Version 2.20 ---

[+] New change seat modes (swap seats, transfer remaining time)

[+] Possibility to fine for a given quantity of minutes (unethical conduct, etc)

[*] Serious error was corrected - entering of time, using money. Payment adjustment dialog was added

[*] Calculator was corrected


--- Version 2.19 ---

[+] "Halfnight" mode was implemented

[+] New report protection option "Statistics is accessible only"


--- Version 2.18 ---

[+] Splash.bmp was replaced with a list of automatically changing images


--- Version 2.17 ---

[+] The serious error in a network protocol was corrected


--- Version 2.16 ---

[+] Control through the Internet was extended by adding availability of viewing statistics, main report, and security report for current session


--- Version 2.15 ---

[+] Cache of the names of managers

[+] Limit of free-of-charge time for session

[+] Customization of reminding messages


--- Version 2.14 ---

[+] Time allowing cancellation of operation

[+] Limit of free-of-charge time for session


--- Version 2.13 ---

[+] Port blocker (2000/XP/2003 only)


--- Version 2.12 ---

[+] In development of the program firm AstrumSoft now is engaged. Its director - Shcherbatyuk Ruslan Andreevich, the founder of the program "Computers Hall". Essential elements are changed. A homepage of firm: http://astrumsoft.com

[+] The error of a stop of the timer is corrected, the sum of payment was overwritten by erratic value


--- Version 2.11 ---

[+] Security parameters regulating access to functionality of the program

[+] Possibility of show of warning about loss of link with client computer


--- Version 2.10 ---

[+] Review and completion of processes of client computers

[+] Possibility of a reminder on stayed time 5 minutes prior to the end


--- Version 2.09 ---

[+] Reserve copying of reports

[*] Cosmetic changes of the interface


--- Version 2.08 ---

[+] Combined way of blocking of a client computer

[-] Network protocol of data exchange with a client part Is corrected


--- Version 2.07 ---

[+] Removal of the started programs, after pressing stop


--- Version 2.06 ---

[+] Client part is not visible in the manager of tasks 2000/XP

[+] Landing to the fixed time with disbursement at the end of operation

[+] Possibility to block a server part of the program under the password

[-] Round-off error in return of the rest Is corrected


--- Version 2.05 ---

[+] Opportunity of disconnect of all sounds of a server part of the program

[+] Opportunity to insert any picture in a mode of not closed window

[-] Mistake with windows of input of time arisen at 2.04 is corrected

[*] At a choice of time of viewing of the report, the report is shown after pressing button "Seem/refresh"


--- Version 2.04 ---

[+] Opportunity to export reports in a text file

[*] New items in adjustment of the registry

[*] It is corrected jobs of a client part


--- Version 2.03 ---

[+] The account of any additional services (printing, scanning, recording of disks, :)

[*] The algorithm of automatic restart of computers is changed

[*] The algorithm of killing of active process is changed


--- Version 2.02 ---

[+] The discount of more than 99% is not entered

[*] It is added optional automatic reboot of a computer after pressing stop



--- Version 2.01 ---

[+] Pressing CTRL+P in a window of viewing of reports causes a print of the current report

[+] In a mode of not closed window the cursor will not transcend a window

[+] Under management Windows 98/ME in a mode of blocking do not work CTRL-ALT-DEL and ALT-TAB

[+] Client computers at loss of communication with the server are independently blocked on an exit of time

[+] Editor of many standard keys of the registry Is built-in

[*] Blocking of the keyboard and the mouse in Windows NT/2000/XP now works better



--- Version 2.0 ---

[+] Opportunity to give the indicator an alternative name

[+] Management of the Internet is transferred as well on a client part to the external module

[+] Active process is shown in the Internet the control

[+] The menu "about the program" with references to new versions and contact to the author has appeared

[+] The example of switching-off/switching-on of the Internet is included

[+] Black and alarm lists of processes

[-] The reminder on stayed time was reset after rebooting a computer

[-] Russian letters in the list of active processes were displayed incorrectly

[-] 100% the rebate did not go in lists of the used rebates

[!] Interdiction of input of 100% of the rebate

[!] Rights of owners of the program are optimized



--- Version 1.86 ---

[+] The list of active processes

[+] The report of job of processes

[+] Management of the Internet is passed the external module

[+] Opportunity to kill the remote active process

[+] Password protection of reports with an opportunity of a choice of a level of access

[+] Sending of the text message to the client

[+] Reminder to the client about stayed time

[*] Fonts of printed reports are increased

[*] If the program to start twice, the first copy appears on the screen


--- Version 1.85 ---

[+] Possibility of switching in the mode of games after pressing stop

[+] Events of reboot, turn off of the computer will be worn out in base

[+] Reboot, turn off of all computers at once, one button

[*] The error of closing of the client under the password Is corrected

[!] The serious error of dissolving of the operation Is corrected


--- Version 1.84 ---

[!] The new, improved client part (the second generation)

[+] Reboot and turn off of client computers

[*] Documentation Is improved, the license agreement is added

[+] Call of documentation on F1 button


--- Version 1.83 ---

[-] The error in a control through the Internet is corrected

[+] Esc button erases that in the window of input of time

[*] The handler of pressing buttons is changed to more correct

[+] Possibility of warning of pressing stop is added

[+] Click by the left button of a mouse on past time in the mode of the timer shows, how many money of persons already should for operation

[+] The page of a control through the Internet now itself is updated each minute

[+] Roundoff of the sum of payment is added


--- Version 1.82 ---

[+] Completely altered reports of the program

[+] It is possible to set the list of reasons on free-of-charge selection of time

[!] Completely copied instruction, re-read her(it) from the beginning!

[*] Internationalization of the interface with the help language.dll



--- Version 1.81 ---

[+] Possibility to work in 1280x1024 at number of computers in club up to 48

[+] New, better sounds for the voice version

[+] Control of change of operations

[-] The error arising at change of the operation of the timer is corrected


--- Version 1.80 ---

[+] Possibility to work in 800x600 at number of computers in club up to 16


--- Version 1.79 ---

[+] It is possible to set contents of the dropping out menu with choice of minutes

[*] New algorithm of printing of by turns reports

[+] Possibility to prohibit input of the password in a way of the locking the window


--- Version 1.78 ---

[+] Free-of-charge operation on the computer is selected

[+] The hidden translations of hours are notched

[+] Autochange of the tariff in given time


--- Version 1.77 ---

[+] The autorebate

[+] Customizations of the discount, the game/Internet for each indicator are saved

[+] Customizations of a server part now are stored in the configuration file cz.cfg

[*] The name of the operator after restarting the program takes from the file of session

[*] Fine defects are corrected many


--- Version 1.76 ---

[+] The mode of the timer (payment after operation)


--- Version 1.75 ---

[!] Memory leaks in a network part of the program are eliminated

[+] The HTTP-server, for the Internet of a control of operation of club is built-in

[+] Now we use Nullsoft Installer


--- Version 1.74 ---

[*] The algorithm of printing of by turns reports is corrected

[*] Stability before failures is increased


--- Version 1.73 ---

[+] Two new sorts of the report obtained from the analysis of the by turns report

[*] Now it is impossible to start operation with the program if not session is created

[*] The program does not give to change reports in an operating time

[!] The section of help decrypting errors of the by turns report has appeared


--- Version 1.72 ---

[-] The serious error arising at cancellation of return of the rest of money Is corrected


--- Version 1.71 ---

[+] The icon in system tray Is added, the main window of the program is minimized in system tray


--- Version 1.70 ---

[+] TAB key in the window of input of time transition to the following indicator

[+] Now it is not necessary to press a mousy "Start", works ENTER

[+] It is possible to enter money Into the window of input of time

[+] The list of the minutes incorporated in the program in the dropping out window of input of time is a little bit changed

[*] The by turns report is extended and corrected


--- Version 1.69 ---

[+] The new, by turns report. Very convenient, protected enough

[+] Change on the free computer

[+] Return of the rest of money

[+] Dissolving or change of the last incorrect operation

[*] The instruction Is advanced, read it all over again!


--- Version 1.68 ---

[*] The error is corrected: did not work Ctrl and Alt in W9x. Attention! Read details in section of the description of innovations


--- Version 1.67 ---

[+] Some automation of the interface


--- Version 1.66 ---

[+] The registration of free-of-charge operation, for example at adjustment of the computer by the manager

[+] Section on the help (in the end) Is added where innovations are described


--- Version 1.65 ---

[+] Time for customization of the computer is added


--- Version 1.64 ---

[!] Algorithms of the locking of computers are corrected

[!] The computer now switches on disabled

[*] Compatibility with "Shell" is increased


--- Version 1.63 ---

[*] Notes are more convenient done, for them the special window opens

[+] In indicators time of release of the computer now is output

[+] It Is possible to look\to print out the list of release of computers


--- Version 1.62 ---

[+] The Program notches translation of hours back and writes about it in the report of the boss


--- Version 1.61 ---

[!] The system of passwords Is changed, re-read documentation

[+] In the report there is an event of inclusion of the program

[*] It is corrected bug with the password on statistics of the chief

[*] Events of installation/break of link go in all logs


--- Version 1.6 ---

[+] Instead of output of the window it is possible to customize disconnecting of the keyboard and a mouse

[!] Indexing of versions is changed. The voice version now is designated 1.6v


--- Version 1.51 ---

[+] In the report of the chief events of installation/break of link act

[!] Version 1.06.1024.+ will contain also the majority of innovations, but the version number will not vary


--- Version 1.5 ---

[*] Help Is changed

[+] Speaks a voice "Computer [N] remained 5 minutes", "Computer [N] your time has quitted"


--- Version 1.06.1024.plus ---

[*] Now it is turned off FAR developed on all screen, Quake1...


--- Version 1.05.1024.plus ---

[+] Up to 30 computers

[+] Handle of all computers of the network


--- Version 1.05 ---

[+] It is possible to leave notes in broad gullies

[!] In documentation section "The important news and answers to questions" has appeared


--- Version 1.04 ---

[+] The "Night" mode when pay at a discount for all "night"

[+] Now it is possible to enter a current name of the manager


--- Version 1.03 ---

[*] Under NT4 hours quitted for the fixed limits

[!] Now reminding signal can be played a soundcard (DirectSound)

[+] Warning is output at closing the program

[+] The utility of erasing of passwords is included In a package


--- Version 1.02 ---

[*] Now it is possible to enter the price in one hour with cents

[*] The "negative" discount has appeared


--- Version 1.01 ---

[+] Now it is possible for constant clients to give the discount in percentage

[+] In statistics the sum of the earned money is counted up

[*] The task bar was overlapped by the window of the program

[*] Documentation is edited