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Selling cards to regular clients

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You can sell bulk minutes (game and Internet cards) to regular clients. After that, customers can spend them using special mode "balance-timer" or "balance-min".


Add / edit cards


To add/edit cards, you have to select "Function->Regular clients database->Balance":




Then press "Refill settings (cards editor)":




Press "Add" and enter number of minutes on the card and its cost:




Use "Add", "Edit", "Remove" to enter you cards table:




Press "OK" to save changes and be ready to sell cards to regular clients (refill their balance of free of charge minutes of games and Internet).


Regular client refill balance


For regular clients it is cost less to buy bulk amount of minutes for playing games and gradually spend them (instead of using standard tariffs). After adding new regular client account his balance has 0 games and 0 Internet minutes. To refill balance (sell game or Internet card), press "Function->Regular clients database", select user name which balance you want to refill and press "Balance":





Then press "Refill balance (sell a card)" button":




Select card and press "Sell" button:




Accept your will by pressing "Yes" and regular client will receive 300 game minutes to his balance:




Selling game/Internet card show up in program reports as additional service (POS).


Now customer is ready to start spending it.


Using game\Internet minutes of regular client balance


Customer is able to use game/Internet minutes that present on this user balance as fixed number of minutes (balance-min mode) or timer minutes (balance-timer mode).


"Balance-timer" mode means that customer starts work, then when he finishes, his balance is subtracted with numeber minutes he actually worked. In case balance runs out before he finishes, the timer will be stopped automatically


Starting work in "balance-timer" mode is not different from regular timer (post-paid) mode, however you should choose "balance-timer" in indicator (not timer):




To finish balance-timer work and subtract spent minutes, you should press "Stop" button as usual.


"Balance-min" mode allows enter fixed number of minutes that customer plans to spend from his balance:





There are restrictions with balance-timer and balance-min and customer balances:


You can't convert game minutes to Internet and vice versa


You can't change games operation to Internet in balance-timer mode (you have to stop timer first).


We will remove these restrictions in new versions of our software.


Cafe owner would better to restrict edit cards in security settings of program ("Clients database" tab).


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