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Starting work

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Before reading this chapter you had to install and configure server client programs. Server program has a connection with clients (connection squares are green). Lets start working with program.


You work with program mostly on server computer. Every day (or working shift) you start server program by either using:


Internet Cafe shortcut on desktop
Start->Programs->Internet Cafe->Internet Cafe
Start ComputerZal.exe


Right after the launch, it asks password to start program:




You have entered it once when installed client program (to check that client connects to server). If it is first launch of admin program, you should create it and type:




Write it down so you will not forget it. This password will be asked each time you start server program or when you lock it when going away for some time:


Right after entering password the window of creating/finishing work shift shows up:




The workflow is the following: operator starts his work shift by launching server program, enters password to enter it, enters working shift name (for example, his first name), presses "Create work shift" then "Start program". Operates with program. When his work shift is over he closes program and accepts proposal to finish work shift. Work shift is any time interval. It is not obligatory for work shift to start and finish at the same day. It lasts from its start to its finish any period of time (hours or days).


If you set up client programs using this manual, you have already created dummy work shift "test". If not, create new work shift by entering its name, for example "Ruslan":



userful advice




Press "Create work shift":




Then "Start program":




Server program has successfully started. All the connection squares are green:




In case one of the squares is still red, please proceed to the server and client setup chapters.


Lets start investigating program. Top part of the main program window consist of rectangular areas called indicators. Each indicator corresponds to the client computer (or game console) in your cafe. For example, indicator 2 corresponds to client computer number 2:





Major program operations like renting computer usage time, choosing game/Internet mode are done using buttons on the indicator.


You can rename the default tariff names (Games, Internet) in security settings, interface tab.


Enter current cost per hour of games at the left bottom part of the main window:




Switch to the "Night" tab and enter night mode hours inteval. For example, enter numbers 23 and 5, if your night mode lasts from 23 (11PM) to 5 (5AM). Enter cost per night of games and night of internet:




If you use "Half-night" mode, enter the cost per half-night of games and internet. Some cafes use exactly half price of night mode and set "Use half of the night price" checkmark:


compzal-price-halfnight        compzal-price-halfnight-acc


Lets study simple operations. Assume new client came to cafe. He would like to rent a client computer for 1 hour of internet. All the computers are free and we decided to propose him computer number 1. For this purpose, on the indicator 1 we select "Internet". Then selecting from drop down list number 60 (i.e. 60 minutes):





Press "Start" button:




Indicator changed its status from "Free" to "Internet". The countdown has begun for the client (you can see it below "Discount" label, i.e. 1hr left). 1 line below you can see "11:08" - time when client will finish his work (paid time to work in the Internet is out)


Computer number one has been unlocked and client starts to work. Operator can press "Statistics" button and observe that new payment record was added to statistics report:




By pressing "Main report" button (bottom right of main window), admin can observe "main report":




5 minutes prior to the end of work, voice version of program, using speakers of server or headphones of client, says: "Computer 1 you have 5 minutes remaining":




Assume client doesn't want to prolong his paid time. When his time is out, his computer is locked (using locking popup window or by disabling keyboard/mouse). Voice version of the program says "Computer 1 your time is out". Indicator shows status "Time out":





Admin hears reminding signal that time is out and presses "Stop" button to reset indicator to its initial (free) state:




Starting with version 4.45, if customer wasn't using post-paid mode or doesn't have pay debt (for additional service), "Time Out" status is skipped and computer automatically becomes "Free". No need for operator to press "Stop".


This way admin operates during his work shift. When his work shift finishes, he presses button to close program. Program asks operator whether he sure or not:





Then asks to finish work shift:




Operator press "Yes" and server program closes. When next operator starts his work shif,t he starts program, creates work shift works similarly.


You've studied basic steps of operating with program, proceed to "Work with indicators" chapter.