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Antivirus software compatibility

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Our software is developed in the most secure conditions, does not contain any viruses, trojan horses, malware and other harmful substances. We carefully monitor what we put on the Internet. From time to time, some antivirus programs complain about suspicious files and whole installation package. For example, NOD32 antivirus considers the client program (Client2.exe) suspicious and deletes it. As a result client computer stops working. We assure you, there are no viruses in it. Heuristic analyzers of modern antiviruses are still not perfect and often complaining on clean programs. If your antivirus suspects our software is a virus, put software installation folder to the exclusion of your antivirus.


While working with our software, you must also remember its compatibility with firewalls. For its normal operation, software requires opening ports 850..853 TCP / UDP in both directions on the client computers and the administrator's computer. In case of non-compliance with this requirement, some functions may not be available. As in cases with antiviruses, you should put software executables (ComputerZal.exe, Client2.exe) into the exception list of your firewall.


Before installing our software, we recommend you perform the steps to disable the anti-virus software, then install it, add install folder to the exception list, and only then re-enable them again.


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