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Operator name cache


When creating working shift, you enter its name, usually operator name who starts working shift:




Server program uses operator name cache, that means that after entering few characters you can use arrow up, arrow down buttons to scroll the names known to program. Moreover program tries to guess the known name using first characters. Once you've entered "Ruslan", program remembers it and next time tries to complete at the start of typing:




In this case it was enough to press "R" and program decided that operator name is "Ruslan". You can accept the proposed name by selecting "Create work shift" or simply press "Enter".


Why you should watch for connection presence with client computers


Internet cafe security is provided by controlling  client computers by server program. Server program should have a permanent connection with client computers. Connection with client computer is shown as color square in each indicator of server program:




When it is green, there is a connection with client program, i.e. client computer is under control of server computer. Normally it should be green (you are secure). It can be red in the following cases:


Client program (Client2.exe) didn't start on the client computer, it was erroneously configured or disabled


Client computer is rebooting or switched off


For internet cafe owner, who came to audit the operators work, red color means that he is probably deceived and he needs to perform the following actions: ask the reason at operator. It may be that computer is simply don't work. It is possible that it is hang and being rebooted. Being rebooted can mean the following. Operator allow someone to play without putting money into cash desk, by simply disabling client program, taking customer money into his pocket. Operator observed cafe owner, initiated computer reboot (after reboot, client program will start automatically) and quickly started working session with server program. It is not hard to defeat this cheat. First, you should watch for the customer occupying the computer with red indicator. It can be an operators friend. Remember him. If these reboots will be at the same time as your audits - do you conclusion yourself. Second, pay attention to how many minutes remaining by the end of customer session. There are low chances that customer paid exactly at the time you came. In case indicator shows even number of minutes, like 60 and it was just paid for, think, it could been quickly done, just before your visit. In case of cheat, operator friend could also have quickly get up, press computer reset and went away. Pay attention, computers don't normally reboot by themselves. Visit your cafe more often and watch for "Internet Cafe" program, it will help you to catch the cheats or other words to increase your profits.


After we've added "No link" column into the main report, cafe owner don't have to audit cafe so often as report will show the total amount of time without connection and if it will be reasonably small, it is OK. However, if it was 7 hours without connection (link), it is not OK, and operator probably hide the profit from you.


Now from the point of view of operator. All indicators should be green. In case one of connection indicators become red and client computer continues to work, find out the reason immediately. It is possible that client program was disabled by local hacker who decided to break your computer instead of simply play games or work in the Internet. Find the reason of disabled client program. It is not as easy to disable it using CTRL-ALT-DEL. Enable client program and watch for that person. Remember, total time without connection should have the reasonable duration, otherwise cafe owner can think about you cheating him.


For that reason, operator should continuously watch for connection with all client computers and in case of disconnect, restore it.


Connection indicator can be red with an exclamation mark on it. It means that client computer is powered on, but client program is disabled. Cafe owner can also see it using the control via Internet (exclamation mark to be painted before client computer numbers). Every 2 minutes, program does the security note into statistics report "computer is working, but client program is disabled (no connection)". For cafe owner it can be a sign of possible cheat by disabling client program.


Free of charge work control


It sometimes required to allow free of charge work with client computer. Cafe operators sometimes have to configure client computer. Cafe owner can sometimes use the computer or his friends. In the "working with indicators" chapter we've mentioned that for starting free work, you have to keep pressing SHIFT button before selecting Start (or type asterix * before number of minutes). After that the reason of free of charge work is requested. Indicator status is circled with red color:




The fact that indicator is circled with red color is very important flag that cafe owner should pay attention to. Control via Internet has a separate column "free of charge" that is marked with "yes".


Total free of charge time is accounted as a separate column in main report.


Unfortunately, cafe owner can't always be sure that operator was "configuring computer" and not cheated, sold game time and put money into his pocket. You can limit the amount of free time that operator can use during working shift. It can be achieved in security settings:




After exceeding the limit, operator will be unable to add free of charge time. Free of charge timer is disabled automatically.


Time that was spent in timer mode (post-paid), sum of payment


Indicator has a field that shows the time spent in timer mode (post-paid). In the pre-paid mode it shows the remaining time before end of customer session.:




In the timer mode, click by that number shows the sum to be paid by customer at the moment:




In case customer was fined (assume 5 minutes for swearing with another customer), you can see the fine amount:




Control for changing and invalidating operations by operators


Indicator menu allows to change or invalidate erroneous operation. Some operators mistakenly think that using that function they can cheat. Lets describe some recommendations for cafe owner to avoid it.


1.Invalidating operation doesn't pass without trace. All the time passed since start of operation till invalidate moment is accounted as free of charge and can be seen in the main report, "Free" column


2.When changing amount of minutes of operation, the auto-discount is not recalculated so it is better to deny this possibility using security settings:




3.Sometimes operators try to cheat by switching games/Internet mode. Assume customer came to work one hour in Internet. Operator starts one hour of Internet work, customer works. Just a minute before customer finishes, operator switches to games (like he did the error at the beginning) and get the difference into his pocket. There are two solutions for that cheat. First, there is a special report showing operation changes:




This report focuses on changing operation from games to Internet (and vice versa, see comment column), and the most important is amount of time passed since operation start and a moment when operator decided to change it. In this case 64 minutes. In case operator is really did a mistake, he likely to change it as soon as finds out it. It is usually up to 5 minutes from starting operation. When operator changes it in one hour, it can be a sign of cheat. In this case 64 minutes can be a sign of cheat.


Another method against that progblem is deny switching games to Internet in security settings:




Quick access to additional services (POS)


To have a quick access to additional services (POS) you don't have to choose computer number, indicator menu, additional services. It is often customers visit your cafe to just print out few pages of document without renting client computer time. You can bring up additional services dialog by simply pressing F12 button. Or you can add a user button "additional services".


It is useful to add a number of character prefix, for example:


1. Cup of coffee

2. Hamburger


Just after the additional services dialog shows up, press "1" to select "cup of coffee" or "2" for "Hamburger". Then simply entry amount and press "Enter".


How to deny returning the rest of payment


Some cafes don't return the rest of minutes that customer don't want to spend. To use that function, go to security settings and type the "minimal sum of return of the rest of payment" as some big number (like, 99999).

After that operator will be unable to return the rest.




Connection with client computer indicator


Left click on the green connection indicator shows up the remote computer functions:


Ind-Green  ---> remotecomp-menu


Left click on the red indicator sends command for client computer to power on:




Right click on the green indicator shows the client computer remote desktop:


Ind-Green --> remotecomp-monit




Logging critical errors of the program


Sometimes, because of error of setup, program doesn't start. It shows an error message that is not often can be clear for users. Program additionally logs this error into czlog.txt file that is saved in the program install directory.

You can send this file to us so we will recommend how to resolve your problem.


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