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AstrumSoft "Internet Cafe" software

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Complete solution that controls, secures and automates internet cafe, gaming center, cyber cafe. Billing of customers for games, Internet, applications and selling POS items.

Timer software locking computers that customer didn't paid for or his time is out. Possibility to control any game consoles (Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo...).

Maximizes internet cafe profits by tracking work of operators (anti-theft). Detailed, secure reports that is not possible change.

Thousands of copies of program were deployed all over the world since 2000. Full Windows 10 support.

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Internet Cafe - Screenshots

Click on the label below the image to open the large size version. Image strip can be scrolled right.

Internet Cafe - Features List

  • Control and accounting up to 48 client computers or game consoles

  • Software is installed on server (admin/operator computer) and on each client computer

  • Client computers are automatically locked when pre-paid time is out for customer

  • Billing using various pricing methods, including pre-paid, post-paid, separate tariffs for games and Internet,...

  • Separate security access levels for cafe owner (administrator) and employees (operators)

  • Tracking work of operators (anti-theft)

  • Customer accounts (full profile, login/password to start pre-paid work without operator)

  • Full control, monitoring and protection of client computers

  • User frindly interface allows quickly say which computer is free, busy and when will be available

  • Customers are reminded about remaining time and when it is out, including voice reminders

  • Moving, swapping customers. Possibility to move the remaining time to another customer

  • Point-of-Sale (POS) to account any additional services

  • Detailed reports for any time range (shift, current day, custom)

  • Reports can be accessed via Internet and received on email

  • Printer control

  • USB devices control (like inserting flash drive/removing mouse)

  • Virtual terminal / thin client (like Aster) support

  • Operate server program using Android device

  • Crypto currency mining both when computers are free and during customer work (it doesn't disturb him)

  • Client computers reservation

  • Desktop replacement "Shell" software complete support

  • Software correctly continues operation after reboot, freeze, power outage on unstable systems

  • Energy saving by switching client computers off, switching them on remotely

Internet Cafe - Quick Start

Internet Cafe - System Requirements

  • Separate server PC for administrator (cafe owner) / operators (cafe employees)

  • Server and client computers: any combination of Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10 (32 or 64 bit)

  • Screen resolution of server computer display:

    • 800 x 600 for cafe with up to 16 client computers or game consoles

    • 1024 x 768 for cafe with up to 30 client computers or game consoles

    • 1280 x 1024 for cafe with up to 48 client computers or game consoles

    • 1360 x 768 for cafe with up to 39 client computers or game consoles

    • 1440 x 900 for cafe with up to 42 client computers or game consoles

  • Power Distribution Unit (PDU) hardware is required to control game consoles (sold separately, we can recommend some vendors)

  • We've been notified that users are able to work with program using Windows emulator in Linux, but we officially don't support it. Legacy module of internet traffic accounting, that is rarely used these days, works on 32 bit OS only.

Internet Cafe - Versions and Prices

Version 4.56 and 4.56v

There are two versions of Internet Cafe software: regular и voice. Voice version of the program reminds about "time out", "5 minutes left" events using voice (it uses server and/or client computer speakers/headphones). Voice version of the program costs 10€ (EUR) more than regular. So, 4.00 is regular version and 4.00v is voice.

The price on the program depends on the number of client computers (or game consoles) that you will use. You can calculate program cost for your internet cafe using the table below (the prices are in Euro, but you can pay it in US dollars too):

Number of client computersRegular versionVoice version
5-8110€ (EUR)120€ (EUR)
9-12126€ (EUR)136€ (EUR)
13-16141€ (EUR)151€ (EUR)
17-20155€ (EUR)165€ (EUR)
21-24168€ (EUR)178€ (EUR)
25-28180€ (EUR)190€ (EUR)
29-32191€ (EUR)201€ (EUR)
33-36201€ (EUR)211€ (EUR)
37-40210€ (EUR)220€ (EUR)
41-44218€ (EUR)228€ (EUR)
45-48224€ (EUR)234€ (EUR)

Exact price in Euro currency
Approximate price in $ (USD)
Approximate price in RUB
Approximate price in UAH
Final software price can be received after filling out online order form

In case you cyber cafe has 4 client computers (or game consoles) only, you can use our software for free, unlimited time. Version of program that uses up to 4 client computers called 'demo'. You can download it here. Its functionality is exactly the same as in full version. Currently our software don't support cafes with number of client computers more than 48. It is convenient to use demo version of the program to study its functionality before purchasing.

Internet Cafe - Purchase Full Version

Please fill all the fields of purchase request form or contact us to receive payment details. After purchase completed we will email you a download link to full version of software. Payment methods depend on your geographical location. Most users prefer Western Union money transfer system.

Our customers are allowed to receive free updates of software during the year after purchase. Prolonging the right of receiving new versions of software for an additional year costs 50% of current price. Upgrading to a higher price version (more client computers or consoles) costs price difference plus 30 euro.

We are always trying to resolve any errors in our software quickly.

Warning! Program is under protection of international copyright law and is an intellectual property of "AstrumSoft" company. Its director Ruslan Shcherbatyuk, author of "Internet Cafe" software.

It is possible to translate program interface into your language: we are sending you program resources (text lines), you are translating them and receiving version of software in your language. It is even possible to receive a copy of our software for a free after successful translation and assuring your willness to translate future versions of software.

Contact us if you have any questions.

Internet Cafe - Free Full Version limited offer

In order to improve the quality of our software we would like to hire local experts in each country / region. Rules:

  • Send us email ( with subject "local expert" specifying:
    • Your full name
    • City / Country
    • Anything about yourself that should help us to choose between you and other candidates
    • Number of computers in your cafe
  • Receive a free copy of full version of our software
  • At least once a week send us email describing your experience with our software, like:
    • What you like or don’t like
    • What we should improve
    • What is not compatible with your region / laws etc
    • Any troubles installing or using software
  • Be friendly to reply to our questions